Another Scottish Export down to England.

Here’s an interesting export story from today’s Scotsman.


One of the country’s most admired master-distillers has upped sticks and moved south to oversee the creation of a new distillery.

Mr Henderson said: “I must admit I took up the invitation to come south with some trepidation. But I was completely intrigued by what they are doing down here and decided to give it a shot. It’s been a lot of hard work to get a distillery up and running from scratch, but the results have been well worth it.”

However, Ian Hudghton, a Nationalist MEP who has campaigned for the European Union to protect the term ‘Scotch whisky’ in both English and Gaelic, was unimpressed:

He said: “There is only one Scotch whisky which uses centuries-old methods and anything else is not the real McCoy.

“I for one will be sticking to Scotch single malt and I don’t think English whisky will provide any real competition.”

 While  John Kaylor, chairman of the Perthshire branch of the Tartan Army, was somewhat more trenchant: “It’s flattering that the English want to copy us, but what next? Morris dancers wearing kilts?”

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