New photosets up on Flickr.

When we had a spare moment or two the other evening, we uploaded some new stuff to our ever-growing Flickr photography collection.

We’ve got photographs of the shows we’ve been to, pictures of Spencerfield, who we are, lots of shots from our tastings, and of course a whole bunch of the real star of the show at Spencerfield, (well he thinks he is), Dug.



About Mike

Mike works with Alex and Jane helping out with Spencerfield's advertising and marketing efforts. But seems to spend most of his time playing getting distracted and playing with wee Dug.
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One Response to New photosets up on Flickr.

  1. Alex says:

    This is Dug a two year old Patterdale terrier and whisky enthusiast (with hot milk in a bowl). Dug is the Horsebox guard dog and wellhard he is too!!

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