£1,000 a nip:


The price alas, (or should that be thank goodness) not of our beloved Sheep Dip, but for Johnnie Walker 1805.

A £1,000 a dram at The Gleneagles Hotel, this limited edition blend is, perhaps not surprisingly, on sale to the general public.

Kevin over on the ever-informative Scotchblog had an hugely interesting post on the toe-curlingly expensive bottling.

He was quoted in The Scotsman: “There are purists willing to pay but this brand is marketed to status-seekers.” (Scotsman registration required to read articles)

While The Hootsmon itself pitched with: “Can any whisky be worth £1,000 a measure? The answer may be that a malt is worth what any enthusiast is prepared to pay for it.

The article elicited some interesting comments from the Scotsman’s readership too for example:




Update: Ian picked up on it too here, even earlier than Kevin.

And had this priceless (no pun intended) insight on this expensive nip:

“Naturally, they only made 200 bottles of this stuff and, naturally, they used all the oldest and rarest whisky – not a drop under 45 years old it said in the accompanying blurb – mostly from distilleries now closed. And, again, we’re not going to follow up that promising line of enquiry, whatever rich ironies it promises.”


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