Glenmorangie Revamp.


Much debate has gone on in the Scottish press over the last week, with particular emphasis on the ownership of whisky companies, and the consequences of this ownership.

Within this debate the changes to the iconic Glenmorangie label have, not unsurprisingly, generated a fairly emotional response.

This was a particularly interesting topic for me as I was the Marketing Director responsible for the “old ” label, which was an evolution from the previous label, and for the introduction of the “finishes” range.

(A labour of love and education in equal ‘measures’ born out of years of work on wood management with Dr Jim Swan, the unsung industry expert on wood and its effect on whisky flavours.)

But I digress, for what it’s worth I would like to add my views on the look of the new labels.

Quite simply, I think they are great, and just what the brand needed.

They have the effect of moving the brands forward, creating a more unified look, but which still manages to retain the historic feel of the old label plus the Sixteen Men of Tain reference.

And I have to say, they do appear to take up an appropriately comfortable place in the luxury positioning LVMH are so very good at.

I would love to see them in the flesh, of course, but from what I have seen in the photographs the ‘new look’ does contribute enormously to the long-term ‘feel’ of the brand. Keeping true to both Glenmorangie’s traditional ethos with the subtlety judged modernisation.

So a good job all round!!!

Of course, as we say in Scotland, my coat is; on a ‘Shogally Peg’ regarding the analysis of buying a brand and changing its packaging- having done exactly that here at Spencerfield Spirit, with Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose.

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1 Response to Glenmorangie Revamp.

  1. Simon says:

    Delighted to see your positive comments!!! If you’ll buy me a Sheep’s Dip sometime I’d be delighted to offer you a bottle or two of the new products. They taste even better than they look!! Wood Finishes now NCF46% and 12 years old, seriously tasty!

    Hope all is well. Watching your business with interest.


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