We’ve been monitoring Facebook recently here at Spencerfield, and are delighted to see a couple of Sheep Dip enthusiast groups have been set up.

Indeed, encouraged by this, we’ve also started our own group on FaceBook, called the Sheep Dip Fold, early days of course, and we do enter this world with some trepidation.

Particularly when we saw that social media can throw up, (if you’ll pardon the expression) some negative publicity for brands.


But of course, Malt Whisky, is a broad church and we like to think there’s room for everyone.

We also think that people’s sense of fair play will ensure that the criticised often have substantially more support than detractors.

In terms of UK sales, Glenfiddich have something like a 20% lead on their nearest malt whisky rival, so they are well more than a nose ahead, and a successful brand position, it would be unwise to sniff at.

But if a certain brand ain’t your cup of tea, it ain’t your cup of tea and consumers aren’t shy in coming forward.

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