Connoisseur at work

Last Thursday Alex delivered the first of the Spencerfield Spirit tutored whisky tastings for our FaceBook; Sheep Fold Group held in Edinburgh. The tasting focused on identifying the elements, which combine so beautifully to produce Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose whiskies and on recognising the contribution made to the nose and taste by the constituent ingredients. We then went on to try and test the ways in which different foods and strong flavours can enhance the qualities of the whiskies and vice versa. We sampled some fantastic Loch Fyne hot smoked salmon and mussels, dark dark chocolate and of course “the” Christmas Cake (see below). Thank you to Jamie and Nev for their subsequent contributions – very kind and good to meet you, to Carol at Whitespace for the venue and Mike for his help in arranging the events. This tasting was the first of many more to come – dates and places to be confirmed


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2 Responses to Connoisseur at work

  1. From that picture above, you’d think I’m a expert!


  2. Jane says:

    ……but you know know more than 98% of people and all those trade secrets ….so you must be an expert

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