Poor Dug

Poor Dug, originally uploaded by Spencerfield Spirit.

It was a long, not-so-hot summer and a busy autumn Christmas rush so Dugs had his work cut out getting all those dispatches loaded and other general supervisory duties. Sad to say, whilst indulging in a few games of tag and general rough and tumble with Purdie, one of his closest friends, a hereditary problem with his right knee emerged which meant his knee cap kept sliding out of the usual groove and down his leg – (there must be a technical name for that).

We waited, as sometimes these things right themselves, visited three vets and were advised by Tam from the Fife and Kinross Terrier Club, Dug meanwhile became quite competent and could travel distance at speed using only three legs but it must have been very uncomfortable and quite sore I imagine.

Last Monday Dug eventually went under the knife to prevent the onset of arthritis in his old age – hes only three.

Like any sick man he lay around looking sad in front of the fire surfacing only to drink milk and eat antibiotics disguised in chocolate (yes…..he knows its bad for him but is addicted) but is now on the mend and looking forward to continuing has activities of the last week for the next couple of weeks. He has removed the bandage and its back to the vets for stitch removal on monday and im sure we will be back chasing seagulls on the beach before New Year and ready in time for our first trade show.

Scotland’s Food Fair SECC 27th – 29th January

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