They came from outer space


We have produced a great little back-bar piece – a little wooden barrel, lined with sheep skin (fake) with brass banding. We tested them at the newly opened “Illicit Still” in Edinburgh last December at a whisky tasting with a great bunch of young and not so young people from Scotland, England New Zealand, France and Sweden and they proved really popular.  We were worried that they would look a bit tacky but research has proven them as more likely to be regarded as cute! We have recently introduced them into bars in Paris, Amsterdam and NY and they are going down a storm – they do allow differentiation from other products on a bar – so if you stock Sheep Dip and would like one for your bar do get in touch. Distributors in US, Germany,France and Holland and Alberta already have them and they will be available from Southtrade in Australia when we launch there in May.

For those not lucky enough to have their own bar they will be available from the web-site as gift packs well in time for (do I dare mention the word in April) Christmas!!! 

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One Response to They came from outer space

  1. I love it Jane. Can I take one home?

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