Drammie Awards

Drammies Award

Well a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us in the drammies. We did exceptionally well and as well as having the vote of three of the best whisky writers in the world have the accolade of being the second-most underated whisky in the world – not bad for a very small company and Glenfarclas who took first place is a really underated dram.
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Most under-rated-whisky
Sheep Dip
This was a tough one. I love Glenfarclas. But I don’t think it’s as under-appreciated as Sheep Dip.
Quirky labeling and marketing, and a flavor that anyone will like. Sheep dip is a great product – created and under the watchful eye of Richard Paterson. Fairly-priced. The very definition of accessible whisky. What more could you ask for?
Kevin Erskine

Sheep Dip
Another excellent category with 5 worthy nominees. So, what would give a nominee the extra cred here is not just being under-rated, but being bad-mouthed. Nobody is critical of Glenfarclas or Dalmore. Everyone who tries Amrut is pleasantly surprised, and Arran, not yet even a teenager, is still too young to pick on. Sheep Dip has a nickname (Sheep Shit) that I have actually heard used by whisky retailers and has never deserved it. Now with a new recipe from Richard Paterson, new labelling (bye-bye yellow and brown!), the darling project of darling people Jane and Alex (Spencerfield Spirit Co.) deserves  recognition as flavoursome, good value Scotch whisky.

Dr Whisky

  • Sheep Dip
    I can’t pick Glenfarclas again (can I?), so I’m going for Sheep Dip if only to acknowledge what a great job Alex Nicol is doing and how tough it is for a true independent to succeed. (Will this do Alex?)

  • Ian Buxton

    …and  Congratulations to Sam  – Dr.Whisky

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    2 Responses to Drammie Awards

    1. Jane says:

      Drinks Giant In Whisky Award Cheating Row
      Jan 16 2008 By Amy Devine

      Drink Chiefs In Whisky Award Cheating Row

      DRINKS giants Diageo have been accused of trying to rig a top whisky prize.

      Competition organisers say they caught out Diageo – the world’s biggest drinks producer – voting for themselves dozens of times in the Drammies awards.

      And they warned they could be disqualified if they do it again.

      Diageo say the claims are “speculative” but confirmed they are investigating.

      Organiser Kevin Erskine said he noticed around 100 votes in favour of Diageo products in the online poll had been sent to the wrong email address.

      He added all of them came from email addresses ending with “diageo.com”.

      Kevin said the suspicious emails went not to the voting address but to one he’d set up to give general information about the poll – the only whisky award voted for by consumers.

      He has now posted a blog on his thescotchblog website pointing the finger at the drinks firm.

      And he wrote: “Incredibly, the suspicious votes are still coming in thick and fast, meaning that whoever is voting hasn’t even bothered to log on to the website to check.”

      Last year’s awards saw Diageo’s Johnnie Walker Blue Label receive the most overrated whisky award.

      A spokesman for Diageo, who employ 22,000 people worldwide and operate in over 180 countries, said they were looking into the claims

    2. KEN says:

      I vote for Sheep Dip as the most under-rated whisky.

      Saw it on U-tube and tracked it down in York. The Vikings knew a thing or two about whisky and there’s a theory that they sampled Sheep Dip at the Jorvik Whisky Shoppe, and decided to settle there. Apparently in AD910 Viking Chief Ragnarson lost a battle at Tettenhall because he was drunk on Sheep Dip. He was found clutching a half-empty bottle of Sheep Dip when his remains were exhumed at the digging of the foundations for the Jorvik Centre. Do you know if there’s any truth in this legend?

      Ken Stannard

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