Costco California


Here we go, again…back on the road, again…. la, la, la ………….and looking forward to it.  Alex is just back from stores in Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas then headed on to CostCo stores in Danville and Mount View, California. He was easy enough to spot as was the only one wearing tartan trews and looking sad because state California Liquor Law forbade him from sharing his whisky samples…..unlike Specs in Houston the previous week where he gave away bucketfulls to thirsty Texans.”It was a very interesting five days the Costco customers were great and really wanted to know about the brands we have had lots of feedback on our website from them all very posative towards the brands.Costco was very impressive a fantastic selection of wines from every region, great bargins on white goods and an impressive range of fresh and organic food.So impressive I joined and bought a new digital camera, going further into the red for the trip……… we sold lots too! so thanks to everyone who went along and gave me the pleasure of your company.This is “Jesus” who helped my aching feet by letting me use his foot massager part of the King Kong range he was demonstrating.This worked a treat and Jesus worked even harder than me being on site for at least 10 hours a day – he sold lots!

After buying the new camera I took this shot of “Jacky” who was celebrating his birthday, he was about to purchase another malt whisky but I hijacked him into taking a “Sheep Dip” which I also wrote a birthday greeting on for him.He was newish to malt whisky and a perfect convert, young fashionable and looking for a high quality whisky.I hope he enjoyed sharing it with his friends.

I look forward to working in Costcos again everyone was very helpful and the customers great to talk to”.  


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