Selby Game Fair

Selby Game Fair

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Snowdrops fading, daffodils flowering and spring advancing we set off for Selby Game Fair – that was after extensive remedial work to Dolly the Truck and the resultant MOT. It was touch and go whether works would be completed on time but they duly were and we arrived in Selby under cover of darkness, set up by candlelight and quickly decided on an indoor picnic dinner and an early night as the artic gale made  unheated Dolly and two duvets more atractive than forays to local hostelries. Things continued much the same but found Miles from the Curry Company and other traders to keep us company – we were so delighted to be indoors on this occasion and gratified by the enthusiam of the local people who battled through dreadful conditions to support the event. Miles gave us a lift to Snaith come the following sunset and we found  warm  pub to have a welcome hot dinner – fantastic cajun haddock fresh from Hull – even managed to peel off the three sweaters and get down to a t-shirt and wellies – though on encountering a ball gowned be-clad young woman in the ladies whilst thawing my hands in hot water ( I cant call it a rest-room as there’s never anywhere to lie down)   did feel  a little under-dressed. Next morning 4 inches of snow  – very pretty and a first for Dug but with gales, snow and mud many traders had left and that evening we retreated back to Fife’s balmy micro clime – but thank you Selby and everyone who turned out – real survivors – slightly warmed by Sheep Dipsamples – next time im bringing an urn and making hot toddiies!     

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