Nights are fair drawing in

So this is what we all need  

 Kevin Erskine wrote about it in his Scotch Blog quoting Alex


Edinburgh is really buzzing with cocktail bars and young enthusiastic professional barmen/mixologists – most of them from Australia, the US, and various European countries (with a few English thrown in for luck).

Alex has been doing a bit of work with them – mainly Sheep Dip (ed: a Vatted Malt), and they have come up with a great concept – a “Whisky Picnic”.

Whilst looking through old Scottish books a few of them came across Victorian gentlemen on a highland moor with a spread of food BUT a bigger spread of whiskies.

So they, this group of young barmen, have got together to have a whisky picnic on Nov 2nd.

This entails taking a venue over for the day in central Edinburgh and celebrating whisky by making cocktails – not meant to be a competition but simply, a picnic.

There are no tickets for sale and it is by invitation only.

I have given them four cases of Sheep Dip, they have cases of Auchentoshan, Yamazaki, Bulleit Bourbon, Bushmills and even some J.W. Black. So not they are unsupported in this endeavour.

The food they will bring along but it must be Victorian – and Scottish and everyone has to wear lots of tweed and a moustache (real or otherwise).

I believe that it may be the start of opening up whisky as a cocktail ingredient, but also tasting the wide variety of malts and appreciating the flavours.

Whatever happens it will be fun.

Nick Ravenhall, one of the organizers, let me know:

In honour of the tweed wearing men of our past, to come to the Picnic you have to wear your own take on tweed and a moustache or beard – and bring a bottle of your favourite dram to share.

As for what we are doing:

Both Dunc and I get a bit sick of the perceptions whisky has to overcome – you’ve heard it before no doubt – ‘it makes you fight’ or ‘its an old mans drink’ plus the perception we heap on it to make it to make it inaccessible to non drinkers i.e. it smells like cows breath is one ubiquitous quote I recently heard….


We want people to love whisky; not because it makes you feel superior to others but beause it is such an amazing versatile liquid with huge character (hence we’ve put whiskies of the world into thid gig)… we’re both bartenders by trade if you hadn’t guessed!

So hence the Whisky Picnic… bring a bottle / get dressed up/ to let your hair down… we’ve got some amazing DJs coming…. as well as some very fun and cool people…. having signature cocktails for each brand being whipped up buy some of the best guys and gals in the business…Who are by the way Australian, Kiwi, Scots, Irish, Thai and Italian…. unfortunately no Poms or Yanks on the stick in this one.

Hit me back if you’ve got any questions…

Hell you should come along!!!

I’ve included our Aberdeen picture that inspired the whole thing and our invite.

So, if you are in Edinburgh – and in the mixologist scene, see if you can score an invite to this excellent idea.

And if not, then take a cue from our Scottish mixologist friends and start your own “Whisk(e)y Picnic”!


Register above

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