Thorner is really the centre of the universe!

Having provoked quite a lot of discussion re James Anderson being the Father of American whisky thought only best to follow that with another contentious remark statement…there are those who like to differ but as we know every statement is an observation from an individual perspective…

A new friend of ours met on the Food Festival circuit, Mark Darley from Nova Scotia Farm who incidently sells the best beef pies we’ve ever tasted …Clarissa agrees …. Well, Alex and he got chatting whilst swapping pie samples for whisky samples and it turned out they both have a deeply seated and profound love and admiration of stand up comedy … so do I but I admire them most for being so very, very brave… no cast, no script, no nothing just alone with an audience …. somewhere out there beyond the lights… my knees knock when I have to do a whisky tasting!!

Anyway each year for the past five years Mark and his friend Alex Foster and their team have arranged a comedy festival in Thorner Victory Hall to raise money to repair the roof and to this event they have managed to lure, all the way to West Yorkshire, the likes of Rich Hall, Alan Carr, Russell Kane, Marcus Brigstocke, Lucy Porter and many more to entertain the local community and save the Hall …in fact some have returned more than once…bit special eh.

So Alex and Mark plotted out first Spencerfield promotional event outside Scotland to turn up and offer samples and sales and make a contribution to the Hall Funds…t hen the comedy lover promptly cleared off down-under leaving me to go to Yorkshire … not that I mind love it down there almost as much as the north-west. and it was a real treat

So, first on friday… Simon Evans, bright, witty, sarcastic spot on observations and very, very funny.


Then onto Shappi Khorsandi inspirational warm, i’d really like to be her friend and then canadian Mike Wilmott who is funny before he says a word and had us all in stitches. What a night! ( late February 2009) and then on Saturday after a failed attempt to count the number of pubs called “The Fox and Hounds” in West Yorkshire we were treated Andy Zaltzman, Holly Walsh and the incredibly talented Adam Bloom… another exceptional night of entertainment – I for one will be back next year … complete sell-out so buy your tickets soon

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