Spencerfield Spirit raises a toast to Homecoming Scotland 2009

Spencerfield Spirit is launching a limited edition Sheep Dip barrel pack to commemorate this year’s Homecoming Scotland celebrations.

The handmade wooden barrel, lined with sheepskin encases a bottle of Sheep Dip whisky, woven from 16 single malts.

Sheep Dip emerged in the US in the 1980s but was taken off the market by Jim Beam in 2000. Spencerfield Spirit rescued the brand from oblivion five years later and brought it back for the iconoclastic whisky drinker to enjoy in the States and at home in Scotland.

Further back in history, from Spencerfield Farm on the banks of the Forth, farmer and distiller James Anderson set sail for America in 1791 with his wife and seven children. There he advised George Washington to get into the whisky distilling business and helped America’s first President become the country’s biggest producer of whisky.

Alex Nicol of Spencerfield Spirit explains, “Whisky belongs on Spencerfield Farm and we are very proud of our links to the story of America’s whisky. We want to keep the spirit of James Anderson alive and raise a toast to our deep-rooted connection to America.”

This unique presentation represents the historical reference made by British farmers to whisky as “Sheep Dip”. There was a time when farmers distilled their own “home-made” whisky and in order to avoid paying taxes to the revenue man hid the whisky in barrels marked “Sheep Dip”.

The name came about because Farmers’ merchants continued this tradition by entering cases of whisky as “Sheep Dip” on farmers’ bills, and also “pulling the wool” over the eyes of the farmers’ wives.

Spencerfield Spirit whiskies are available at all “The Whisky Shops”, Royal Mile Whiskies and online at http://www.spencerfieldspirit.comSHEEP DIP

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