Down the Road in ’09 -Well??

Spencerfield Spirit are still clocking up the miles to bring our unique whiskies to you  in 2009.

After the holiday weekend at  Hampton Court and  Country Fest in Kendal. We roll ever onwards and upwards 2:

*Inverleith Park in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

The new venue is the popular Chef’ing Fest that is ‘Taste of Edinburgh’. Come and meet Hattie and Liz and try their new cocktail mix – The Ginger Pig !!!!!

We think it wins  – trotters down…….

*Holker Hall –  Cumbria.

Alex will be at there to let you in on the secret that is ” Sheep Dip” – he has a passion so make sure you come along and share it if you can.

*Chatsworth House – (Nice)

Come chat 2 Jane – she wants your company and will even let you know all about our fabby Whisky Club – tempted?

……….well you heard it right here!!!!!


The weather man say the sun is gonna shine!!!

(View the latest schedule by clicking ‘On the Road’ tab)

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2 Responses to Down the Road in ’09 -Well??

  1. LoveFeast says:

    We will be looking for that 1990 vintage! Please let us know when it is officially released! It promises to be another good reason to get the boys together! I will surprise them with a bottle! cheers! -kristin

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