Old Hebridean Taste Note

The Spencerfield Spirit Company are overwhelmed by the reception our customers have given  Sheep Dip ”Old Hebridean”.

Available since September it has quickly established itself alongside traditional Sheep Dip and our favourite blend Pig’s Nose.

Taste Old Hebridean

Old Hebridean enjoyed since 2009 created in 1990

The Tasting Notes :

Colour: Deep, rich, dark mahogany with gentle highlights.

Nose : Positive and explicit. The intense aroma arouses the senses immediately with its salty island characteristics which erupt and flaunt themselves in an explosion of attractive nuances. Rope and brine stage the initial attack followed swiftly by the strong support of the majestic aged Highland and Speyside malts.

These muscular, sensual tones give way to soft, floral honey sweet notes of exceptional quality. Graceful and elegant.

Taste : As expected, this galaxy of delight is reflected on the palate – every complex flavour stirs the imagination regarding its origins and heritage. Although there is a definite awareness from the West Coast, the intricate art of blending and marrying has moulded and tamed these wonderful hedonistic top notes into perfect submission along with its counterparts scattered throughout the Scottish Highlands.

The backbone and structure coupled with a warm, sensual finish are the perfect accompaniments to the cured tobacco leaves of a fine cigar – just like the preparation of this noble pure malt each part of the cigar, the filler, binder or wrapper will play its part too in fulfilling and satisfying even the most discriminate connoisseur.

It has taken years to perfect this aged Pure Malt – take your time and linger over a generous glass of Old Hebridean and reflect on an exciting future.





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