Whisky Connosr’s Review of Old Hebridean 1990

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Spencerfield Spirit are delighted that Sheep Dip “Old Hebridean” 1990 Vintage has been reviewed by this highly reputable gang.

Old Hebridean’s reviewer was ‘ The Fitz ‘ – Who are a couple of young guys operating a small restaurant and hotel in the tranquil Keweenaw peninsula the northern-most part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Here is their Review: Sheep Dip “Old Hebridean” 1990 Vintage  – Great marriage of sweet, spice, and peat.

This is a unique vatted whisky by Sheep Dip. A blend of Dalmore, Fettercairn, and Ardbeg. After blending, these whiskys are left to age for additional 15 years, making for a wonderful marriage. This is truly a great find for the price, well under $100. The word that I have read is that it’s a 25 year Ardbeg, 19 year Dalmore, and a 21 year Fettercairn.

Nose: marriage of the three is seamless, sweet honey, orange zest, anise spice, bitter chocolate.

Body: Beautiful texture to this whisky, as the age is just perfect. Hard to believe the vanilla spice of the Dalmore and the peated Ardbeg work so well together, but they do. Much more enjoyable than a sherried peat, IMHO. Slight notes of tobacco, and peat leaf smoke. Very firm delivery, but not too aggressive. Cant get over how well these three marry together. Wonderful dram.

Mouth: A little disappointing is that fact that is was chill filtered and bottled at a weak %40 ABV. That is about the only set back of this great whisky. Thin and smooth on the palate, the leafy peat flavor gives way to citric acid, and spice. The finish is short to medium, leaving you with hints of brine and sea breeze. Bitter saltiness remains.

This whisky has been selling great, as people are drawn to the name Sheep Dip alone. Unfortunately I have not tried the traditional Sheep Dip, so I can not compare. The “Old Hebridean” is a must have for the price. Just shy of a 90 in my book, but I’m going to give it 9 stars anyway, as the price pumps it up a notch. If you see this one in your local tavern or pub, please try it.

Connosr Rating:

89/100, 9 out of 10 stars.

Colour:Amontillado Sherry

* Nose
* dark-chocolate
* earthy
* sweet-peat

* Body
* inviting
* light
* non-obtrusive
* smooth

* Palate
* brine
* citric-acid
* peat-smoke
* sea-salt
* toffee
* vanilla-spice

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