Santa Nicol’s Gin-ger Eggnog

Edinburgh Gin’s New Christmas Cocktail

Santa Nicol's Gin-ger Eggnog

Jamie MacDonald of Stockbridge’s exclusive cocktail snug The Raconteur has created Santa Nicol’s Gin-ger Eggnog cocktail specially for those who’ve been naughty this year. Not only will the warming combination of ginger, cream and nutmeg put you right in the mood for a few rounds of Silent Night, you can get away from festive retail hell down in sleepy Stocky by visiting the Raconteur in person. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet Santa Nicol on his rounds.

Santa Nicol’s Gin-ger Eggnog

35ml Edinburgh Gin
20ml Kings Ginger
3 barspoon sugar
10ml Appleton Estate VX
1 whole egg
20ml milk
20ml cream

Dry shake then shake in Japanese cobbler with handcracked ice. Serve in a goblet with grated nutmeg.


Try it at home ……………………..

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