We are about to launch a brand new whisky and would like some assistance picking the product name. The winner will receive the first ever bottle we produce of this exclusive whisky

Background of the Whisky:

  • This whisky was distilled and blended in 1999 in Scotland, in 2002 it was then shipped to Sanchez Romate in Jerez, Spain
  • Once in Spain the whisky was racked into Olorosso (Sherry Butts) and left for nine years (this is a 12 year old Whisky)
  • We will produce 1500x6pack cases and this batch is unique and irreplaceable
  • The whisky smells distinctly of chocolate, raisins, cream soda and oranges
  • The name of the whisky should begin with Sheep Dip’s  __________

So please get your thinking caps on and you could be in with a chance to win an exclusive and limited edition whisky.

All comments/ideas to be posted below or emailed to

We will give you the weekend to think about it and take all ideas in on Monday. Good Luck!


The Spencerfield Crew


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2 Responses to HELP NEEDED!

  1. Steven Glodek says:

    Sheep Dip’s Darker Side
    Sheep Dip’s Spanish Ram
    Sheep Dip’s Spanish Riches

    All kinda based around the idea of the darker richer flavours that one gets from the Olorosso Sherry.

  2. Any helpful information on the regions of Scotland or the specific singles represented in this blend?

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