About Spencerfield Spirit


The Spencerfield Spirit Company is wholly owned and run by Alex and Jane Nicol, in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.


Alex has been in the drinks business for too many years he was marketing director of Glenmorangie for a decade, cut his teeth at Laphroaig , Beefeater Gin and Scottish and Newcastle ending up as COO at Whyte and MacKay distillers.

Spencerfield Spirits was started in July 2005 with the two foundation brands Sheep Dip malt and Pig’s Nose blended whiskies. We have been working hard since then refreshing the packaging and getting the brands infront of as many people as possible in as many countries.

(That’s why he looks so knackered- he’s only 25!!)

In June 2010 we proudly launched Edinburgh Gin – a classic big juniper gin with a twist.

Made in the Edinburgh following local traditions from 1777 – it’s one of the new wave of distilled gins.


We have a passion for  whisky and now for Gin and we would love to share that passion with you.

From our farmhouse on the banks of the Firth of Forth, we strive to bring you spirits  which are individual, unusual, but above all of the finest quality.

Please take time to enjoy the site hopefully with a glass of our whisky or gin  in your hand……


4 Responses to About Spencerfield Spirit

  1. Jane and Hannah
    Hoping you got home safely last night after the Newbury Show…. The Show could hvae been better but with foot and mouth and no farmers, to be expected i guess?! …but being next door to your tent, the company, (samples), doughnuts, drunks and chat kept us all in good humour and spirit, thank you.
    Hope to see you again soon
    Plum & Ivory

  2. Where can I get hold of bottles of sheep dip and/or pig nose whisky? I’d quite like to stick a bottle in at a tasting we’re doing in May. You’d be in against a Glenmorangie and a Johnnie Walker and some others still to be decided.

  3. Terry Milne says:

    Hello from Toronto Has anyone asked about importing into Ontario? We work with Tullibardine at the moment but really hope to expand our portfolio. We are a small family-run agency for Ontario and all the maritime provinces in Canada.

    My family are based in St. Combs and Fraserburgh. We did used to steal sheep but the only thing we likely dipped them in was boiling water. That notwithstanding my husband and I are keen whisky enthusiasts.

    I do remember purchasing a bottle of Sheep Dip to present to the local doctor in St. Combs who dropped in to check on my grandmother from time to time.

    We are good and successful and would handle your whisky well with a true touch of Scotland.

    Cheers from Terry Milne

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