Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin

Alex, I and our talented team are proud to launch a new product for summer 2010.

We have diversified from our artisan Whiskies and into Gin – and why not?? We think you are going to come to love gin as much as our treasured Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose.

So welcome to the world and take a bow : The Spencerfield Spirit Company’s Edinburgh Gin.

Gin’s Edinburgh Provenance

In 1777 there were 8 licensed distilleries and almost 400 illegal stills in Edinburgh and the Port of Leith. As gin rose to become the fashionable spirit, Edinburgh distillers, like their London counterparts, produced gin from locally sourced ingredients. Then juniper berries, spices and citrus fruits arrived daily in Leith from all over the world. These exotic ‘botanicals’ were redistilled or ‘rectified’ together with the finest Scottish grain spirit in the time honoured fashion.

Edinburgh Gin is a reminder of the days when Edinburgh was a centre of distilling expertise. We distil small batches in “Jenny” a much treasured Scottish copper pot still using traditional gin botanicals. Then we add extra Scottish Juniper as well as heather, Scots pine and milk thistle. It’s clean citrus notes and aromatic juniper make it the perfect base for a Gin and Tonic or Martini, not to mention many of the classic gin cocktails.

Is Edinburgh Gin Special?

We think so…Edinburgh Gin is produced using traditional methods in Edinburgh. It returns Scotland’s capital to the rightful place as a centre for producing quality gin using a recipe that faithfully replicates gin created in Edinburgh 250 years ago.

Edinburgh Gin is a premium drink (43% ABV) produced in small batch quantities ensuring that only the finest quality ingredients are used to produce a refreshing, clean, crisp taste.

The 1920’s are known as gin’s truly Golden Era and in keeping with that theme, the bottle has an Art Deco feel to reflect this wonderful period of cocktail parties and drinking sophistication.

Gin Delivery


7 Responses to Edinburgh Gin

  1. Zil says:

    On the nose clean, fresh and spicy. In the mouth pine, the taste of the mountains, is to the forefront with heathery scented notes following on. A well balanced crisp gin with a gingery spiciness and laid back citrus

  2. Barry says:

    Great Gin, Great taste, got bottle at a market. Loved it. Where can I more?

  3. Chillikick says:

    Wouldn’t really know where to start describing Edinburgh Gin in a way that makes me sounds knowledgeable….what I do know however is I picked up a bottle at the Game Fair, it’s finished, and my preference for that fine gin that comes in a nice bluish bottle has now been superceded.

  4. Alison Craig says:

    I am in love with this gin. Just thought I’d tell you.

  5. Charles Niblick says:

    I just returned to Dyer, Indiane, near Chicago, after 3 weeks in Edinburgh, my favorite city and I am having my first martini with Edinburgh gin bought on a whim at a store Broughton Street. It is wonderful, can I buy it in the USA?
    Thanks for making it!

    • Jane says:

      We are delighted that you like Edinburgh and our Gin. We are just in the process of applying to the FDA for approval them we can start sending to our importer Frederick Wildman in New Jersey to import we hope to launch the product there in the Spring

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