On the Road 2011

We proudly take our quirky product range on the road.  We love to meet people and share our Sheep Dip Whisky, Pig’s Nose Whisky and Edinburgh Gin.  The usual stomping grounds will be revisited in 2011, as well as a few new venues 🙂

Let us know if you would like us to come to an event near you.

See you soon!

27th Feb- 1st Mar Farm Shop and Deli Show, Birmingham http://www.farmshopanddelishow.co.uk/

28th Feb- 2nd Mar ScotHot http://www.scothot.co.uk/

13th-16th Mar  IFE http://www.ife.co.uk/

25th-27th March  Living North Spring, Newcastle Racecourse http://spring.livingnorthfair.co.uk/

4th-5th April  Taste of the West, West Point Exeter http://tasteofthewesttradeshow.co.uk/

14th-17th April Harrogate Spring Flower Show http://www.flowershow.org.uk/

5th-8th May Real Food Festival, London Earls Court http://www.realfoodfestival.co.uk/

11th-12th May  Gin Fete, Bristol 

21st– 22nd May  Malton Food Lovers Festival http://maltonfoodfestival.co.uk/2010/11/03/annoucement/

28th-29th May County Fest

29th– 30th May Burghley Country Fair http://www.livingheritagecountryshows.co.uk/show/burghley-game-country-fair/44.php

1st-2nd June Suffolk Show http://www.suffolkshow.co.uk/

3rd-5th June Gardening Scotland http://www.gardeningscotland.com/

3rd-5th June  The Holker Garden Festival http://www.holker.co.uk/metadot/index.pl?id=2172;isa=Category;op=show

9th-11th June  South of England Show http://www.seas.org.uk/shows.asp?ID=2

15th-19th June  BBC Birmingham Good Food Show http://www.bbcgoodfoodshow.com/

17th-19th June  East of England Show http://www.eastofengland.org.uk/

21st-22nd June   Cheshire http://www.cheshirecountyshow.org.uk/

23rd-26th June  Royal Highland Show http://www.royalhighlandshow.org/

29th-30th June  Royal Norfolk Show http://www.royalnorfolkshow.co.uk/

1st-3rd July  Scone Game Fair http://www.scottishfair.com/

9th-10th July  Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival http://www.cardiff-festival.com/ifd_dir_e.htm

12th-14th July  Great Yorkshire Show http://www.cardiff-festival.com/ifd_dir_e.htm

15th-17th July  Kent Country Show http://www.kentshowground.co.uk/

16th and 17th July  Holkham Country Fair http://www.holkham.co.uk/html/country_fair.html

22nd-24th July CLA Game Fair http://www.gamefair.co.uk/

26th-28th July  New Forest Show http://www.newforestshow.co.uk/website/

30th-31st July   Hopetoun Horse Trials http://www.hopetoun.co.uk/Horse-Trials.html

4th August  Cartmel Agricultural Show

18th-21st August  Blair Horse Trials http://www.blairhorsetrials.co.uk/

28th and 29th August  Oxten and Edenbridge http://www.edenbridge-show.co.uk/

17th and 18th Sept  Royal County of Berkshire Show http://www.newburyshowground.co.uk/CountyShow/countyshow.htm

2nd-4th Sept  Chatsworth Country Fair http://www.chatsworthcountryfair.co.uk/

16th-18th Sept  Autumn Flower Show http://www.flowershow.org.uk/

21st-23rd Oct  SECC

11th-13th November  Olympia

23rd-27th November  Birmingham

24th Dec- 11th Jan  Bath Christmas Market http://www.bathchristmasmarket.co.uk/

                                             Harrogate Christmas Market


2 Responses to On the Road 2011

  1. Meredith Chapman says:

    We were at the Good Food Show in Birmingham yesterday and must compliment you on both your sales team and your products. We ended up buying Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose and my husband has been raving about them to everyone he’s seen today!

    Meredith Chapman

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Meredith I will pass you kind remarks on to John our top sales guy at the NEC.

      Also, of course delighted that you love our whiskies – great to get feedback from established customers and new converts alike.


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